Supply Method

We're not your typical produce supplier. Our passion for organic foods drives us to provide our customers with the freshest and most delicious, organic produce on the market. Premium Ingredients for Exceptional Flavour.

Our goal is for you to savour the same fresh taste we do while out in the fields. We use ingredients to ensure the flavours emerge purely and distinctly. Our range of organic products are fashioned to satisfy a whole family’s nutritional needs throughout the day starting right from breakfast. 

Retail Supply

Logistical challenges make it difficult to bring a reliable flow of fresh produce to urban consumers and it is also one of the reasons that drive up the prices of organic produce. Hence we at Sahaja Organics to deliver exceptional quality of produce to our consumers have a retail store that was a wide range of products that are fresh from the fields of farmers. By buying here you are supporting the local community tool. Most products in the outlet are produced locally and the store progresses with new and more locally grown produce. The store will add more products on the shelves, fresh, tasty and nutritious and also of excellent quality.

Currently our Retail outlet in VV Puram is closed and we are yet get an alternative retail space.  We will keep you updated as and when we set up a retail space.

Bulk Supply

Sahaja Organics is the largest wholesaler of organic grains in the whole of Karnataka. Lack of market access is one of the biggest obstacles that stop small and marginal farmers, who constitute the majority of farmers in India, from taking up organic production  of traditional food crops. Hence, the formation of producer owned company for marketing of the organic produce of traditional varieties of rice, millets, pulses and under the brand of Sahaja Organics was developed. The producer company does bulk selling of products to retailers across Bangalore, Chennai, Kerala and Hyderabad that has helped develop into a viable business, and significantly improved the livelihood situation of the member farmers.

Home Delivery

In our endeavour to bring to our customers a wide range of organic products to choose from we have a vast range to choose. We are committed to offering our products at the most reasonable prices possible without compromising on the quality, purity and goodness of organic and deliver right to your doorstep. Home delivery service is being provided to our consumers in select areas in Bangalore.

Be our partners in making the world a healthier place to live in